Motorbikes Rule!


There seem to be more motorbikes in Vietnam than there are people. They use them for transportation, for delivering goods, for carpools, taxis, and anything else you can imagine. They are everywhere and it is hard to get away from them. Sidewalks are not built to walk on, they are built to park your motorbike on. Here you can see them lined up in traffic on New Year's Eve.

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December 15th

December 15th was a magical day in Vietnam. The laws changed and said that everyone had to have a helmet on when riding a motorbike. The fine if caught not wearing one is 150,000 dong (about $10) which is the price of buying a helmet. They are on sale everywhere now.

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And amazingly enough

on December 15th they all started wearing them. I was in Vietnam on the 14th and it was just like any other day with less than 5% wearing a helmet. On the 15th the number jumped to about 99%!!

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Motobikes range..

Motorbikes range from the very cheap (a few hundred dollars) to very expensive ($5000+). Many people have 2 bikes. One like this one for going to work everyday.

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More expensive

And one like this for the evenings when taking your girlfriend for a spin around the park.

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Have to Look Good

And many of the bikes have had decals added to make them look better. This person likes purple!

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