Delhi--October 20-24, 2005

Another big city

My next stop on the tour of India was Delhi, the capital of India. I had heard mixed reports of Delhi and was a little wary of spending time there but felt I should give it a shot. I knew that it was a big city and I was expecting it to be a lot like Mumbai. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed my few days there. Although it is a big city, it was miles cleaner than Mumbai (not that there wasn't trash, cows, dogs, etc. all over), but it less quantity.

Delhi Tour

I decided the best way to see the city was to take the Delhi city tour. Finding the one run by the Delhi tourism board was difficult because everyone wants you to think that they are the tourism board and offer their own trips for 3 and 4 times the price, but in the end I found the correct office and I was off.

The sites included the Jantaar Mantar, an astronomical observatory from 1724.

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India Gate

As seen on a typical hazy Delhi day

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Bahai House of Worship

Also know as the "Lotus Temple" because the shape is that of the all Lotus flower.

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Red Fort

Completed in 1648.

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Humayan's Tomb

This is said to be the prototype for the Taj Mahal.

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