Jodhpur--October 12-16, 2005

Blue City

My next stop was Jodhpur. It is called the Blue city because most of the buildings are painted blue supposedly to keep them cool. I found a nice guest house and stayed for 4 nights. It was a nice city to take a day or two to rest and relax and it has a great fort to visit.

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View of the clock tower

As you can see all the hustle and bustle from the streets surrounding the tower. It is absolutely maddening at times. As a westerner I can't walk 5 feet down the street without being asked if I want to buy something, if I want to step into somebody's shop, if I want a rickshaw to take me somewhere. I have learned to put my blinders on and keep walking. Not always an easy task.

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Jodhpur Fort

This was the best fort I had seen in India. There was an audio tour that gave an in depth presentation of the fort (most of the time I have to read about the places I am seeing in my guide book because there is little or no information provided).

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Jain Temple

Also had the chance to visit the Jaswat Thada temple in Jodphur.

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