Udaipur--October 9-12, 2005


My next stop was Udaipur which is north of Mumbai. After a pretty comfortable bus ride (after hearing other horror bus stories I consider my journey as being really easy). The city of Udaipur has a large City Palace that is on the lake. The lake filled up this year for the first time in years because of the monsoons and makes for a gorgeous backdrop for the city. If any of you have seen the movie Octopussy (James Bond), it was shot in and around Udaipur.

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Traditional Dance

Went to see some traditional dancing that was being performed at one of the museums. This lady wound up balancing 9 pots on her head.

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I was also in Udaipur for the Navrati celebrations. This is one of many festivals in India and I had the chance to see the dancing that takes place in the streets every evening. It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone dressed in their vibrant colors.

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