Mumbai--October 6-8, 2005


I arrived in Mumbai after a long 36 hour journey. I arrived and was very happy to see my name on a placard from the hotel that I had arranged. I stayed by the airport one night and then ventured into the city of Mumbai the next day. There is nothing that can be done to prepare someone for all the sensory overload that happens when arriving in India. The people sites, smells, people, tastes, dirt, people, food, animals, people, etc. And did I say people? Plenty of people everywhere. My first day I spend just wandering around and getting acclimated. I went down to the waterfront and saw the Gates of India. I also wandered around the area that tourists hang out called Colaba. I found the local market and walked through some very poor areas of the city. Definitely an eye opening experience.

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Elephanta Island

My second day in Mumbai I became a tourist and visited Elephanta Island, which is an hour boat ride from the city and it a series of caves that I believe are about 600 years old with carvings that are intact. I also visited Chowpatty Beach, Gandhi's house where he stayed when in Mumbai, and a Jain Temple. After two days I was ready to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and set my sites on Udaipur, a 17 hour bus ride away from Mumbai.

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