Romania--August 6- 9, 2005


I decided to continue my journey south toward Greece by stopping for a few days in Romania. I had heard about the small town of Sighasoara in Transylvania and wandered there for a day or so. I visited the citadel. It has become sort of touristy with the Dracula rage, but still a nice area.

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I am a millionaire

The currency was very hard to get used to. I became an instant millionaire when I took money out of the ATM. 1,000,000 Romanian Lei's equal about $33 US. They are changing the currency and sometimes you get the new and sometimes the old. Very confusing!

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After one night in Sighasoara I headed out to Brasov to spend a couple of nights. Other than the rain it was a really nice city. It is also in Transylvania and has a nice town square and some nice churches to visit.

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