Things I have learned.....

Part 1

As I sat sweltering on the train the other day, I made a list of all the things that I have learned since being on the trip and thought everyone would enjoy reading them. (They are in no particular order)

1. Can't imagine doing a trip like this without the internet, email, and cell phones.
2. Beer drinking in the morning is acceptable and quite common in all countries of Eastern Europe. This includes drinking in a restaurant with breakfast, drinking in a park, or even on the subway on the way to work.
3. Air conditioning has not caught on in Europe.
4. Everybody has something to sell you.
5. Food... I have not starved and probably won't, although I don't always know what I am getting when I order.
6. Deodorant is taken for granted in much of Europe.
7. Trains are great transportation.
8. Night trains save money on sleeping accommodations.
9. Talk to the locals, even if they don't know what you are saying and you don't know what they are saying.
10. Fields of Sunflowers growing make you smile.
11. It is very easy to get tired of castles and cathedrals/
12. Take lots of pictures, because 1 might come out good.
13. Talk to people in the hostel. They have great advice on what to do and where to stay. They also make great dinner company.
14. Take time for yourself.
15. Swim in the lake, even if it means swimming in your clothes.
16. Take your toothbrush with you on every airplane.
17. Buy local fruit
18. Try local food.
19. Drink lots of water.
20. Potatoes can be gotten anywhere, and they are usually fried.
21. Call home
22. You will always find a place to stay, just keep looking.
23. Can always fit one more person on the plane, train or bus.
24. You will probably have to pay to pee sooner or later.
25. I can still live without my daily fix of Starbucks frappucinos.
26. Books, read whatever you get your hands on and try not to have to pay for them.
27. Toilet paper is not Charmin!
28. Have fun.

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