Things I have learned--Part 3

East vs. West--Culture shock

Part 3 of Things I Have learned is a comparison of spending almost 5 months in Asia versus my first few weeks back in a western culture!

1. Nice to have flour noodles instead of rice noodles for dinner
2. People motion to you using an underhanded wave instead of the overhand wave that most Asian countries use.
3. There are actually bathtubs instead of just showers
4. I get to stay in hostels instead of guest houses
5. I eat sweets that are actually sweet.
6. No more bargaining... everything is fixed price
7. Very expensive travel compared to very cheap travel (no more $4 hotel rooms!).
8. I don't stand out in a crowd any more.
9. I can run down the street for some exercise without being stared at.
10. Bread comes in all shapes, sizes and textures... not just baguettes.
11. Cheese is available everywhere
12. Safety standards are adhered too...on boats with life jackets to construction workers wearing hard hats and boots.
13. Seat belts are mandatory, even on buses
14. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere
15. I can take out more than $100 from the ATM at a time.
16. Tap water is drinkable. No more buying and bargaining for bottled water.
17. It is acceptable to wear shorts.
18. Mo more squat toilets
19. Don't have to carry toilet paper with you. It is supplied everywhere you go.
20. Ride in taxis instead of on the back of a motorcycle or in a rickshaw or tuktuk.

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