Auckland--April 16-21, 2006

Sold the Car

My next (and last) stop in New Zealand was Auckland. I arrived on a Saturday evening at my friend Gaeline's house (we met when in Africa) and it was great to see her and to meet her family. My first order of business was to sell the car which took a few days. I first went to a carfair that is held every Sunday but was unsuccessful (had an interested person but she backed out because of the small "ding" I had put in the back of the car). After fixing the "ding" with the help of a friend of Gaeline I sold it a couple of days later to a nice guy from England.

After this it was time to play tourist. The first thing to do as a real tourist was go up the skytower which is the highest building in the south pacific and see the great views of Auckland.

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View of the harbor

Auckland is surrounded by water and built on 13 volcanoes. I took a ferry across the harbor to Devonport and back to do a little window shopping and had this great view of the skyline.

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Auckland Museum

My last day in Auckland was spent at the Auckland museum with one more chance to learn about the Maori people and their culture as well as what would happen if a volcano erupted in Auckland.... Let's just hope it never happens.

Gaeline and I are out front of the museum on a picture perfect Auckland day.

I want to thank Gaeline and her family for letting me crash with them. It was great to stay in a house with a family instead of in a hotel or hostel for a few days and to be pampered a bit my Gaeline's Mom.

My next stop is to be South America. I arrive there on April 22 and will be there for about 3 months.

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