Catlins and Milford Sound--March 24--27, 2006

Scenic Drive

My next move was to head back to the east coast and circle along the coastline. There is a beautiful scenic drive along the coast with stops to see waterfalls, wildlife and rock formations, etc.

One stop was at Nugget named because the rocks were thought to look like nuggets of gold.

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Finally--A penguin

My next stop was an place called Curio Bay. I finally got to see a yellow eyed penguin closer than before. I sat and stared at him with all the others tourists as well. We didn't get too close so as not to disturb him, but you should be able to see him in this pic.

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Petrified Forest

Curio Bay is also home to what the call the Jurassic Fossil Forest which is a series of rock formations that have been there for thousands of years. This is the home of the endangered yellow eyed penguins.

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Milford Sound

Another must do in NZ is to visit the beautiful Milford Sound. I decided to take a night cruise on the sound and to sleep on the boat. Here are some of the spectacular views of the mountains surrounding the sound.

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and more

The rocks go hundreds of meters high from the water.

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Sunrise was quite spectacular

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Kayak anyone?

Also had the opportunity to kayak in the morning. I opted to just tool around on the tender. Saw some fur seals that make Milford Sound their home and had a relaxing morning on the water.

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